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LA Chicks

Mar 10, 2020

In episode 73, the girls are joined by Stacey with Brazilian Blowout and Leaf and Flower. She introduces the chicks to some revolutionary hair and body products that utilize CBD oil. Stacey brings the science, but no matter what big/awesome words she uses, the girls love these products. Listen to find out more. 


Mar 3, 2020

In episode 72, Djoir is doing a lot of driving, but thankfully, the Elon is doing all the driving with the Tesla. Sarah is so excited for London and also wishes it was already here. This week, we're rejoined by the awesome Stacey, who is a beauty expert as well as many other things. 

The chicks are wondering if they can...

Feb 18, 2020

In episode 69, the chicks, discuss coconut oil and Smash RX and many other things. 

They discuss the tragedy that hit very close to home and how the local community is dealing. 

It's a sad and introspective episode. 

Feb 11, 2020

In episode 68, DJ is happy for Billy's family and Sarah is happy for other things. 

Sarah has a new challenge that she tested out in an airport. And Djoir has ways to impress the man. 

We come at you with a brand new Valentines offer. 

Feb 4, 2020

In episode 67, the Chicks talk about wooden spoons and all the great things they can be used for. 

Djoir discusses how sound baths can be used, which is not for getting you squeaky clean on the outside--mostly the inside. 

And LAX continues to be a mad house full of crazies.